Workout Details

Halting Deadlift

1A) Halting Deadlift (pause below knee for :02 seconds)
Control each rep back to ground - DON'T BOUNCE - and have a slight reset to make sure shoulders are retracted/depressed. Objective here is strong backs.

1B) Banded Standing Wood Chop (low to high)
4x6 L/R
Position band at knee height on rig, and rotate torso to move band from low to around shoulder height. Make sure leg towards rig stays blocked.

Days Programmed

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Men Leaderboard

pic Jonathan W 345 lbs 190109
pic Philip V 295 lbs 190109
pic Ryan B 225 lbs 190109
pic Joshua A 215 lbs 190109

Women Leaderboard

pic Leila C 155 lbs 190109
pic Hoes 155 lbs 190109
pic Hannah W 145 lbs 190109