Training Calendar

February 2019








Friday, February 1st

Strength/Skill Deadlift 1A) Deadlift 5x5 Use 5-10% less than top set last week 1B) Hollow Rocks 5x15 2A) Strict Pull-ups 5x max reps 2B) Banded Pull-Through 5x20
Conditioning AMRAP12 3-6-9-12-etc Alternating DB snatch (50/35) Burpees
Accessory A) GHDSU 3x25 B) DB Hammer Curls 3x12 L/R

Saturday, February 2nd

Conditioning AMRAP5 0-5 minutes AMRAP5 Max shoulder to overhead (185/135) [Partners switch every 3 reps]
Conditioning AMRAP10 + 5-15 minutes AMRAP10 5 front squat (185/135) 5 push-ups [Partner will complete full round before switching. After each completed round, add 5 push-ups]
Conditioning Row/TTB + 15-35 minutes (TIME CAP) 50-40-30-20-10 calorie row ​35-30-25-20-15 TTB [Partners work at same time, but on different movements. Partners will alternate between movements, but cannot advance until both have completed all reps of their movement]

Sunday, February 3rd

No workout posted

Monday, February 4th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Half-Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press 2x8 L/R B) Plank Walk-Out 2x5
Strength Bench Press A) Bench Press 4x5 Use 85% of set of 8 from last week B) Plyo Push-Up 4x4 Perform these by 'jumping' hands to plates just outside shoulders. Walk hands back to ground before performing eccentric of next rep.
Conditioning 21-15-9 WB (20/14) Pull-ups Rest 2 minutes 21-15-9 Calorie row WB Rest 2 minutes 21-15-9 Pull-ups Calorie row

Tuesday, February 5th

Strength Snatch Liftoff + Power Snatch + OHS Snatch Liftoff (to knee) + Power Snatch + OHS 5x1+2+2.1+2+2
Conditioning 3/6 PC/Lunge As many reps as possible in 5 minutes 3 power cleans (175/125) 6 L/R front rack reverse lunge (175/125) Rest :90 seconds
Conditioning 5/8 PC/Lunge As many reps as possible in 5 minutes 5 power cleans (145/105) 8 L/R front rack reverse lunge (145/105) Rest :90 seconds
Conditioning 8/12 PC/Lunge As many reps as possible in 5 minutes 8 power cleans (115/85) 12 L/R front rack reverse lunge (115/85)

Wednesday, February 6th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Banded Good Morning 2x8 B) Single-Arm Dead Hang 2x:20 seconds L/R Scale with both arm hang for :30 - :40 seconds
Strength Deadlift A) Deadlift 6x4 Use 85% of weight from last week
Strength Weighted Chin-Ups B) Weighted Chin-Ups 6x4
Conditioning 2 rounds AMRAP9 40 DU 20 thrusters (75/55) 40 DU 20 burpees 40 DU 20 TTB Rest 4 minutes between rounds

Thursday, February 7th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 30 minutes max calories
Accessory A) Zercher Carry 3x75ft B) Hanging Leg Raise To L-Sit 3x6 C) Prone Frog Kickbacks 3x15
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, February 8th

Strength Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes 5 back squats (use 85% of set of 10 from last week) :30 second weighted wall sit (hold KB in each hand at side) 15 double KB front rack squat
Conditioning Every minute for 15 minutes 5 DL (115/85) 3 squat clean 1 thruster Every 3 minutes, add 1 rep to each movement

Saturday, February 9th

Conditioning Teams of 2 8 Rounds (each) 6 deadlifts (255/175) 9 pullups 12 sit-ups 15 pushups 18/15 cal row

Sunday, February 10th

No workout posted

Monday, February 11th

Warm-up A) Prone Snow Angel 2x12 B) Prone PVC Extension + Press 2x10  C) Standing KB Bottoms Up Press 2x10L/R
Strength Bench Press A) Bench Press 5x6 Same weight as last week
Strength Power Clean + Hang Power Clean B) Power Clean + Hang Power Clean 5x1.1.1 Rest :20 seconds between reps Rest 2 minutes between each round
Conditioning AMRAP4 21 CTB 21 burpees 21 clean and jerk (95/65) Rest :90 seconds AMRAP4 15 CTB 15 burpees 15 clean and jerk (95/65) Rest :90 seconds AMRAP4 9 CTB 9 burpees 9 clean and jerk (95/65)

Tuesday, February 12th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Singe-Leg KB Deadlift 2x8 L/R B) Staggered Stance Barbell Good Morning 2x7 L/R
Strength Deadlift 1) Deadlift 1x max reps Use weight from last week
Strength Romanian Deadlift 2A) Romanian Deadlift 4x8 2B) Russian Twists 4x15 Use medball, over + back is one rep
Strength Russian Twists
Conditioning 4 rounds 400m run 30 WB (20/14)
Accessory A) Tempo Pike Pulse (2121) 3x6 L/R B) Nordic Hamstring Curl 3x8 Scale these with banded GHR

Wednesday, February 13th

Warm-up A) Cuban Press 2x8 Go light with these B) Overhead Duck Walk 2x10+10 Forward + backwards
Strength Snatch 1) Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch Balance 3x2+2+2 . 2+2+2 This should be done at a weight that allows for good balance and timing 2) Snatch Every minute for 6 minutes 1.1 Build across sets
Conditioning 21/15/9 0-6 minutes 21 deadlift (155/105) 15 squat clean 9 thrusters
Conditioning 15/11/6 6-12 minutes 15 deadlift (185/135) 11 squat clean 6 thrusters
Conditioning 12/7/3 12-18 minutes 12 deadlift (205/155) 7 squat clean 3 thrusters
Accessory A) Hanging Tuck-Ups 3x10   B) Banded Face Pulls 3x12 Hold :02 seconds at top

Thursday, February 14th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 6 rounds Max time >700/550 watt (bike) - 1650/1400 cal/hr (rower) Rest 4 minutes between efforts Scale by selecting pace that can be held for :90 sesonds - 3 minutes
Accessory A) Seated OH BB hold 4x:45 seconds B) Single-Arm Front Leaning Rest On Rings 4x:30 seconds L/R
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, February 15th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Weighted Cossacks Squat + Curtsy Squat 2x6 L/R Cossacks + curtsy on right is one rep B) Reverse Lunge With Slide 2x7 L/R
Strength 10 RM Back Squat 1) Back Squat Work to 10RM
Strength Bulgarian Split Squat 2A) Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8 L/R Barbell in front rack
Strength Standing DB Press 2B) Standing DB Press ​3x10 L/R
Conditioning Calories Rowed Teams of 3 AMRAP16 Row for max calories Switch every 15/12 calories
Accessory Hanging Alternating Leg Raise + L-Sit 5x6 L/R + :20 seconds Perform all alternating reps and then hold l-sit for :20 seconds

Saturday, February 16th

Conditioning Teams of 2 AMRAP26 40 pullups 40 power cleans (135/95) (switch every 5 reps) 40 burpees (switch every 10 reps)

Sunday, February 17th

No workout posted

Monday, February 18th

Warm-up A) Half-Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press 2x8 L/R B) KB Adductor Mobility 2x10 L/R
Strength Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes :20 second double KB hold wall sit 8 L/R double KB front rack walking lunge 12 double KB front rack squats Goal is to complete entire complex of work without putting down KB
Conditioning 15/15 3 rounds 15 burpees 15 thrusters (75/55) Rest 2 minutes
Conditioning 12/12 3 rounds 12 burpees 12 thrusters (95/65) Rest 2 minutes
Conditioning 9/9 3 rounds 9 burpees ​9 thrusters (115/75)
Accessory A) Weighted Hollow Flutter Kicks 4x20 B) Single-Arm Upright Row 4x8 L/R

Tuesday, February 19th

Strength/Skill Deadlift Every :90 seconds for 8 rounds 1st: Deadlift 3.3.3 Use same weight as last week Rest :15 seconds between each 'cluster'
Strength/Skill Strict Pull-ups + Kipping Pull-ups 2nd: Strict Pull-Ups + Kipping Pull-Ups X.2X Perform set of strict pull-ups to failure, drop from the bar and rest for :15 seconds and then complete twice that number of reps as kipping pull-ups
Conditioning 30 double-unders 30 Russian KBS (53/35) + 30 double-unders 30 knees to elbow + 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 hang power cleans (155/105) + 30 knees to elbow + 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 knees to elbow + 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 double-unders
Accessory Russian Twists + Leg Lateral Up-And-Overs 4x15+10 Use WB for twists, over + back is one rep. Lateral up and overs performed from seated supported position and consist of raising legs together up-and-over medball and tapping ground on either side.

Wednesday, February 20th

Warm-up A) Prone Snow Angel 2x12 B) Prone PVC Extension + Press 2x10
Strength Power Snatch + Hang Snatch Power Snatch + Hang Snatch Every 2:30 minutes for 5 rounds 1.1.1
Conditioning 6 Rounds With a 2 minute running clock 20/16 calorie row Max HSPU in remaining (odd rounds) Max bar MU in remaining (even rounds) Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Accessory A) Banded Face Pulls 5x12 B) DB Hammer Curls 5x10 L/R

Thursday, February 21st

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 5 rounds 4 minutes @easy :30 seconds @pace > 700/500watt (bike) or 1650/1400cal/hr (rower) Rest 2 minutes between
Accessory A) Single-Arm Overhead Carry 4x75ft. L/R B) Single-Arm Front Leaning Rest On Rings 4x:30 seconds L/R
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, February 22nd

Warm-up 1A) Down Dog 3x:20 seconds 1B) Sprinters Lunge + Twist 3x4 L/R (alternate lunge L + twist then lunge R + twist) 2A) Cossacks Squat + Curtsy Lunge 2x5 L/R 2B) Singe-Arm KB Thruster 2x5 L/R 3) Every :90 Seconds For 4 Rounds :30 second row (increasing pace each round) 6 WB
Conditioning Open Workout 19.1 Open Workout 19.1 As many reps as possible in 15 minutes 19 WB (20/14) 19 calorie row
Strength Back Squat Every 2:30 Minutes For 5 Rounds 5 back squat (use 80% of 10RM from last week) 20 banded hip thrust (shoulders on bench, band across lap)
Accessory Nordic Curls 4x8

Saturday, February 23rd

Conditioning Teams of 2 50-40-30-20-10 Dball over shoulder (100/70) 100-80-60-40-20 Push-ups

Sunday, February 24th

No workout posted

Monday, February 25th

Strength Bench Press Every 3 Minutes For 15 Minutes 6 bench press +
Strength Power Clean power clean Increase weight across all sets of both movements
Conditioning 4 rounds 1 minute alternating DB snatch (50/35) 1 minute box jumps 1 minute burpees Rest 1 minute between rounds
Accessory Tabata (:20 seconds on :10 seconds off for 8 rounds) Alternating leg tuck from hollow Weighted zombie sit-up Alternate movements on successive rounds

Tuesday, February 26th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Anchored Keg Stretch 2x:60 seconds B) Snatch Hi-Pull + Muscle Snatch + Power Snatch + Overhead Squat + Snatch Balance 2x3+3+3+3+3 Snatch movements are to be performed from the hang. Use barbell only for these warmup movements.
Strength Power Snatch 1) Power Snatch Every :90 seconds for 6 rounds 1.1
Strength Behind The Neck Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance 2) Behind The Neck Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance Every :90 seconds for 5 rounds 2+1 Pause in bottom of squat for :03 seconds
Strength Snatch Deadlift 3) Snatch Deadlift Every :90 seconds for 4 rounds 4
Conditioning 40 calorie row 30 chest to bar pull-ups 20 thrusters (125/85)

Wednesday, February 27th

Strength 12RM Back Squat 0-8 Minutes Back squat Work to a 12RM
Strength Bulgarian Split Squat ​10-19 Minutes Every 3 minutes for 9 minutes 5 L/R rear foot elevated Bulgarian split squat Hold KB's at side Complete all reps on each leg before switching +
Strength Walking Lunge 5 L/R double KB front rack walking lunge Complete all reps on each leg before switching  
Conditioning As many reps as possible in 20 minutes 200m run 3 rounds of "Cindy" *Every 100m = 1 rep
Accessory Weighted Plank Hold Weighted Plank Hold 4x:90 seconds 

Thursday, February 28th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 8 rounds 1 minute @hard pace Rest :30 seconds Repeat calorie total @moderate pace (eg, if you row/bike 20 calories in the first minute, then repeat the 20 calories but at 80% effort) Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Accessory Single-Arm Front Rack + OH Carry A) Single-Arm Front Rack + OH Carry 4x100ft L/R KB in front rack with one arm and DB OH with other. Carry 100' with both L and R OH. B) Side Plank With Abduction 4x10 L/R
Cool Down ROMWOD