Training Calendar

November 2018








Thursday, November 1st

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 3 rounds 0-3 minutes @ easy pace 3-4 minutes @ mod pace 4-5 minutes @ easy/mod pace 5-6 minutes @ mod/hard pace 6-7 minutes @ easy/mod pace 7-8 minutes @ hard pace Rest 4 minutes between rounds
Accessory A) Double KB front rack hold 5x:20 seconds B) Single-arm waiters OH carry 5x100ft L/R
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, November 2nd

Strength Back Squat 1) Back Squat 10 @80% 10 @75% 12 @70% Based off 2RM Rest 2:30-3:00 Minutes between
Strength Pendlay Row 2A) Pendlay Row (Clean Grip) 3x12 2B) Seated Single-Arm Banded Row  3x10L/R Hold each rep at the top for 2 seconds
Conditioning Teams of 3 0-5 minutes 50m sled drag (forward-facing) 5-10 minutes 50m slad drag (backward-facing)  

Saturday, November 3rd

Conditioning Teams of 2 0:00 - 10:00 50 power cleans (185/135) Partner not working will complete 15/12 cal row before switching 10:00 - 20:00 200 push-ups  Partner not working will complete 10 deadlifts (185/135) before switching 20:00 - ?? 200 WB (20/14) Partner not working will complete 15 TTB before switching

Sunday, November 4th

No workout posted

Monday, November 5th

Strength DB Seal Row A) Weighted chin over bar hold + negative (supinated grip) 4x:20 seconds + :10 seconds    B) DB seal row 4x12
Conditioning 4 rounds WIth a 2:30 running clock 15 CTB 20/16 calorie row Max thrusters (75/55) in remaining time Rest 2:30 between rounds
Accessory Single-arm DB upright row A) Single-arm DB upright row 3x8L/R B) Ground support l-sit hold 3x:30 seconds

Tuesday, November 6th

Strength Deadlift A) Deadlift 2x3 @87.5% 2x8 @77.5% 1x12 @70%
Strength Half-kneeling Pallof press + twist B) Half-kneeling Pallof press + twist ​5x5L/R
Conditioning 0-8 minutes 1000m run 30 burpees Max snatches with remaining time (155/105) 10-16 minutes 600m run 20 burpees Max snatches with remaining time(125/85) 18-22 minutes 400m run 10 burpees Max snatches with remaining time(95/65) Score is total snatches completed
Accessory A) Banded pull-through 4x20 B) Glute bridge w/ feet elevated 4x15
Endurance 4x600m Rest 2 minutes between 4x300m Rest 1:30 between 4x150m Rest 1 minute between Pace 600m at PR mile +2s/100m. Pace 300m slightly faster than 600m, and 150m slightly faster than 300m.

Wednesday, November 7th

Strength Reverse Lunge Every 2:30 for 15 minutes (6 rounds)  3L/R reverse lunge (BB in back rack)
Strength Full Clean + 3 touch and go full clean
Gymnastics 4 rounds 5 bar MU 4L/R single-arm ring row 3 ring row :20 second ring row hold :10 second lockout hold on top of rings Rest :90 seconds between rounds
Conditioning 30 calorie bike 30 Russian KB swings (70/53) 30 TTB 30 Russian KB swings 30 calorie bike

Thursday, November 8th

Conditioning 3 rounds 2 minutes easy 2 minutes moderate Rest 3 minutes 3 rounds 1:30 easy 1:30 moderate/hard Rest 3 minutes 3 rounds 1 minute easy 1 minute hard No rest between the easy and harder paced portions during each of the 3 rounds
Accessory Turkish get-up A) Turkish get-up 4x4L/R
Accessory Zercher carry B) Zercher carry ​4x100ft
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, November 9th

Strength Back squat 1x8 @83% 1x10 @78% 1x12 @73%  Rest 3 minutes between sets Based off 2RM
Conditioning Every minute until failure 1st - 10 burpees 2nd - 10,12,14,16,etc.. WB (20/14) Start at 10 and add 2 WB every minute. Workout is over when either burpees or all reps of WB cannot be completed in given minute.
Accessory DB Romanian deadlift A) DB Romanian deadlift 3x12
Accessory Side-lying DB raise B) Side-lying DB raise 3x10L/R C) Hanging l-sit flutter kick 3x:20 seconds

Saturday, November 10th

Conditioning Teams of 2 100/80 cal row (partner runs 200m to switch) 75 pullups 100/80 cal row (partner runs 200m to switch) 50 power cleans (185/135) 100/80 cal row (partner runs 200m to switch) 75 pullups  100/80 cal row (partner runs 200m to switch)

Sunday, November 11th

No workout posted

Monday, November 12th

Strength Reverse Lunge Every 2:30 for 5 rounds 2L/R reverse lunge (BB in back rack)
Strength Hang Power Clean + 2 hang power clean
Strength Hang Squat Clean + 1 hang squat clean
Conditioning Power Clean Reps AMRAP5 27 deadlift (135/95) 27 shoulder to overhead Max power cleans in remaining time Rest 3 minutes
Conditioning Squat Clean Reps AMRAP5 2 rounds 14 deadlift 14 shoulder to overhead Max squat cleans in remaining time Rest 3 minutes
Conditioning Front Squat Reps AMRAP5 3 rounds 9 deadlift 9 shoulder to overhead Max front squats in remaining time
Accessory A) Band pull-apart 3x20 (slightly slower eccentric) B) DB upright row 3x10L/R C) Weighted hollow hold 3x:30 seconds

Tuesday, November 13th

Strength/Skill Strict pull-ups 1) Strict pull-ups 4x:20 seconds on/:10 seconds rest
Strength/Skill Bench Dips 2) Bench dips 4x:20 seconds on/:10 seconds rest
Strength/Skill Ring Rows 3) Ring rows 4x:20 seconds on/:10 seconds rest
Conditioning 3 Rounds 40 calorie row 30 alternating DB snatch (50/35) 20 OH squat (95/65) 10 lateral burpees
Accessory A) GHD hip extension 3x20 B) Lying single-leg banded leg curls 3x12L/R
Endurance 8 rounds 200m run Rest :15 seconds 50m sprint Rest :90 seconds between rounds

Wednesday, November 14th

Strength Back Squat Back squat 3x8 @60% Based off 2RM Rest 2 minutes between sets
Conditioning AMRAP24 300m run 15 clean and jerks (155/105) 300m run 15 bar MU
Accessory Half kneeling landmine press A) Half kneeling landmine press 4x8L/R B) Body saw from plank 4x12
Conditioning 3 Rounds 30/21 Calorie Row Rest 30 seconds between Rest 90 seconds after 3rd round  3 Rounds 30/21 Calorie Row Rest 30 seconds between
Accessory Tempo Dumbbell Push Presses Tempo Dumbbell Push Presses 3x8
Accessory Tempo Dumbbell Bent Over Row Tempo Dumbbell Bent Over Row 3x8
Accessory Max Effort Ring L-Sit Hold Max Effort Ring L-Sit Hold 3x

Thursday, November 15th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 5 rounds 1 minute easy :15 seconds hard :45 seconds easy :15 seconds hard :30 seconds easy :15 seconds hard :15 seconds easy :15 second hard Rest 2 minutess between rounds
Accessory OH BB hold A) OH BB hold 3x:40 seconds
Accessory Cossacks squat B) Cossacks squat (hold KB in front rack) 3x8L/R

Friday, November 16th

Strength/Skill Deadlift A) Deadlift 3x4 @75% 1x8 @65% Based off 5RM B) Side plank w/ weighted rotation 4x8L/R
Conditioning 3 rounds 1 minute box jumps (20) 1 minute push-ups 1 minute reverse lunge (hold KB at chest) (53/35) 1 minute push press (75/55) 1 minute row Rest 1 minute between rounds
Accessory A) Wide-stance BB good morning 3x12 B) Hanging strict TTB 3x12  

Saturday, November 17th

Conditioning EVENT 1 EVENT 1 For Time 21 deadlift (185/135) (Athlete 1-2-3) 21 calorie bike (Athlete 1) 15 deadlift (Athlete 1-2-3) 15 calorie bike (Athlete 2) 9 deadlift (Athlete 1-2-3) 9 calorie bike (Athlete 3)
Conditioning EVENT 2 EVENT 2 For Time 2 rounds 400m run (Athlete 1) - 20 burpee + d-ball over shoulder (Athlete 2 and 3) 400m run (Athlete 2) - 20 burpee + d-ball over shoulder (Athlete 1 and 3) 400m run (Athlete 3) - 20 burpee + d-ball over shoulder (Athlete 1 and 2) Men use a 70 lb. d-ball, women use a 50 lb.
Conditioning EVENT 3 EVENT 3 As many reps as possible in 12 minutes 5-10-15-20-etc... WB (20/14) 3-6-9-12-etc... Pull-ups 1-2-3-4-etc... Power cleans (175/125)

Sunday, November 18th

No workout posted

Monday, November 19th

Gymnastics Max strict pull-ups 1) Perform set of max strict pull-ups
Gymnastics Max kipping pull-ups 2) Perform set of max kipping pull-ups Rest 3 minutes between 1 and 2
Gymnastics Push-ups 3) Push-ups 4x:30 seconds ON/:30 seconds OFF
Conditioning 21-15-9 Power cleans (95/65) 200m run Rest 2 minutes 21-15-9 Push press 200m run Rest 2 minutes 21-15-9 Burpees 200m run
Accessory Seated OH BB hold A) Seated OH BB hold 4x:30 seconds
Accessory Hanging leg raise B) Hanging leg raise w/ feet spread wide 4x8

Tuesday, November 20th

Strength Back squats Back squats Max reps @70% of 2RM
Conditioning 150 single unders 3 rounds 10 TTB 15 WB + 150 single unders 2 rounds 15 TTB 20 WB + 150 single unders 1 rounds 25 TTB 40 WB
Accessory Weighted wall sit A) Weighted wall sit 4x:30 seconds
Accessory Nordic curls B) Nordic curls 4x8
Accessory Single-arm DB strict press C) Single-arm DB strict press ​4x8L/R
Endurance 800m run (rest :90 seconds) 2x150m (rest :30 seconds between) 800m run (rest :90 seconds) 2x150m (rest :30 seconds between) 400m run (rest :90 seconds) 800m run (rest :90 seconds) 2x150m (rest :30 seconds between) Pace 800m at PR mile +5s/100m. Pace 150m at PR 400m +3s/100m

Wednesday, November 21st

Strength Deadlift Deadlift Work to a 5RM
Conditioning Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes (6 rounds) 15/12 calorie bike 10 alternating single-arm devils press (50/35)
Accessory 1A) Bulgarian split squat 2x8L/R (heavy) 1B) Side over-arching plank 2x12L/R 2A) Single-leg DB hip thrust 2x15L/R 2B) Banded adduction 2x40

Thursday, November 22nd

No workout posted

Friday, November 23rd

Conditioning Every 6 minutes for 48 minutes (8 rounds) 5 power cleans (185/135) 400m run 3 front squats 20 cal row

Saturday, November 24th

Conditioning In teams of 2 60 snatch (115/75) 50 TTB 60 lunges 50 HSPU 60 lunges 50 TTB 60 snatch

Sunday, November 25th

No workout posted

Monday, November 26th

Strength Tempo front squat Every 2:30 for 6 rounds  A) Tempo front squat (33x1) x4
Strength 3 position power clean B) 3 position power clean (hip-below knee-ground)
Conditioning 7 rounds 7 CTB 7 lateral burpees 7 power cleans (155/105)
Accessory DB upright row A) Single-arm DB upright row 3x8L/R B) Banded single-leg curl 3x12L/R

Tuesday, November 27th

Strength Weighted push-ups 1A) Weighted push-ups (33x1) 4x5 1B) Pike pulses 4x10L/R 2A) Box dips 4x15 2B) Side plank hold 4x:30 seconds L/R
Conditioning 4 rounds As many reps as possible in 3 minutes 400m run Max WB (30/20) in remaining Rest 2 minutes between rounds Score is total WB completed
Accessory Every minute for 8 minutes 1st - 15 banded pull-aparts 2nd - 5 L/R landmine cossacks squat
Endurance 200m-400m-200m run (walk 100m between each) Rest 2 minutes 150m-300m-150m run (walk 100m between each) Rest 2 minutes 100m-200m-100m run (walk 100m between each) Rest 2 minutes 50m-100m-50m run (walk 50m between each) Rest 2 minutes 200m-400m-200m run (walk 100m between each)

Wednesday, November 28th

Strength Tempo RDL A) Tempo RDL (42x1) 4x8
Strength Bent-over DB row B) Bent-over DB row ​4x12L/R
Conditioning 1000m row 80 Russian KB swings (70/53) 60 box jumps (24/20) 40 goblet squats 20 calorie bike
Accessory A) Alternating single-leg banded glute bridge isometrics 3x1 minute
Accessory B) Side plank with leg adduction 3x10 L/R

Thursday, November 29th

Conditioning Bike/Row 3 rounds 5 minutes @moderate pace Rest :90 seconds between (walking recovery) 5 rounds :90 seconds @moderate pace Rest 1 minute between (walking recovery)
Accessory TGU + OH carry Turkish get-up + overhead carry 3x5 L/R After 5th TGU rep on each side, OH carry KB 100 ft. (50 ft. down and 50 ft. back)
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, November 30th

Strength/Skill Tempo 1-1/4 back squats A) Tempo 1-1/4 back squats (:02 sec pause below parallel) 4x4 B) Lateral high-hops 4x3L/R
Conditioning As many reps as possible in 15 minutes 6 power snatch (135/95) 9 squat clean 12 shoulder to overhead
Accessory Half-kneeling single-arm Arnold press A) Half-kneeling single-arm Arnold press 3x10 L/R B) Plank hold w/ alternate leg hold (:02 second hold) 3x10 L/R