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April 2019








Monday, April 1st

Gymnastics A) Dip Lockout On Rings 3x:30 B) Handstand Walk 3x50ft
Conditioning EMOM30 1st: 20/16 calorie row 2nd: 15 deadlifts (205/135) 3rd: 25 push-ups 4th: 10 clean and jerk (115/85) 5th: Rest

Tuesday, April 2nd

Strength 3 Position Clean 0-10 Minutes 3 position clean  Work to heavy
Strength Back Squats 12-24 Minutes Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes 5 back squats Use 85% of 5RM from last week
Conditioning 40 wallballs (20/14) 30 toes to bar 20 squat snatch (115/75) 30 toes to bar 40 wallballs (20/14)

Wednesday, April 3rd

Conditioning Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes (10 sets) 200m run 10 pull-ups
Strength Bench Press 1A) Bench Press 3x5 Heavy sets across 1B) Russian Twists 3x20 Use a medball, over and back is one rep
Strength Pendlay Row 2A) Pendlay Row 4x12 2B) Hanging L-Sit 4x:20 seconds

Thursday, April 4th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 5 rounds 3 minutes easy :90 seconds moderate 1 minute easy :45 seconds hard Walk 100m recovery between round
Accessory Half-Kneeling Pallof Press + Rotation A) Half-Kneeling Pallof Press + Rotation 4x10 L/R One rep is press + rotation over front leg
Accessory D-Ball Carry At Chest B) D-Ball Carry At Chest 4x100ft
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, April 5th

Gymnastics A) Front Lever Tuck 4x5 Hold each rep for :03 seconds B) Pike Pulses 4x12
Strength/Skill Barbell Hip Thrust A) Barbell Hip Thrust 2x5 1x10 1x15 Heavier than last week. Hold last rep for :03 seconds. B) Hollow Rock 4x20
Conditioning 50-40-30-20-10 KB front rack reverse lunge (53/35) Hang KB snatch Reps are total number to be split between each leg/arm

Saturday, April 6th

Conditioning Teams of 2 2 rounds 400m run (both) 30 clean and jerk (185/135) 400m run (both) 40 TTB 400m run (both) 50 burpees

Sunday, April 7th

No workout posted

Monday, April 8th

Strength Bench Press Every 2:30 minutes for 5 rounds 4 bench press (heavy) 10 L/R half-kneeling Pallof twists
Conditioning 3 rounds 27 wallballs (20/14) 21 burpees 15 power snatch (95/65) 9 overhead squats Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Tuesday, April 9th

Gymnastics 1A) Pike-Up 2x8 1B) Straddle-Up 2x8 2A) Press Drag Forward 2x8 2B) Press Jump Backward 2x8
Strength Power Clean + Jerk Every :90 Seconds For 6 Rounds Power clean + jerk 1.1+2
Conditioning AMRAP18 Teams of 2 AMRAP18 150m run 12 pull-ups One partner works at a time. Partner completes a full round before switching

Wednesday, April 10th

Gymnastics A) Front Lever Tuck 3x7 B) Ring Lockout Hold 3x:40 seconds
Strength Reverse Lunge 1) Every 2 Minutes For 8 Minutes (4 sets) 5 L/R front foot elevated reverse lunge Barbell in back rack. Complete all reps on one side before moving to other. Heavy across.
Strength D-Ball Squats 2) Every 4 minutes for 12 minutes (3 sets) 12 D-ball squats (heavy) :40 second wall sit hold (unweighted) 6 L/R alternating jumping lunge (unweighted)
Conditioning For time 100 lateral burpees over barbell Every minute starting at 00:00, 5 deadlifts (155/105)  

Thursday, April 11th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 8 rounds 00:00-3:00 @easy 3:00-4:20 @moderate 4:20-5:00 @moderate/hard 2 minute easy jog/walk between rounds
Accessory A) KB Windmill 4x8 L/R B) Side Plank With Leg Abduction 4x8 L/R C) Single-Arm Overhead Carry 4x50ft L/R
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, April 12th

Strength Back Squat 1) Back Squat 1 set of max reps at weight from heavy set of 5
Strength Tempo Hip Thrust 2A) Tempo Hip Thrust (21x2) 1x5 1x10 1x15
Strength Alternating Bent Over DB Row 2B) Alternating Bent Over DB Row 3x12 L/R Perform these with a DB in each hand, rowing a single arm through the full-range at a time.
Conditioning 4 rounds 1 minute box jumps (24/20) 1 minute burpee + DB snatch L (50/35) 1 minute TTB 1 minute burpee + DB snatch R 1 minute rest

Saturday, April 13th

Conditioning Teams of 2 600m run 10 rounds (5 each) 5 hang squat cleans (115/75) 15 push-ups  600m run 8 rounds (4 each) 5 hang squat cleans (135/95) 15 push-ups  600m run 6 rounds (3 each) 5 hang squat cleans (155/105) 15 push-ups

Sunday, April 14th

No workout posted

Monday, April 15th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Band Pull-Apart 3x15 B) Shoulder Controlled Articular Rotations 3x8 L/R
Strength Bench Press Every 2:30 minutes for 5 rounds 6 1-1/4 bench press
Strength Bent-Over Row 6 bent-over row (underhand grip)
Conditioning Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes 21/18 calorie row 15 wallballs (20/14) 9 toes-to-bar

Tuesday, April 16th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Lateral Box Step-Up 3x8 L/R (slow eccentric) B) Standing Hip Controlled Articular Rotations 3x5 L/R (forward and back is one rep)
Strength FFE Reverse Lunge 1) Every 2:30 Minutes For 4 Rounds 6 L/R front foot elevated reverse lunge (work to heavier than last week) 12 Russian twists (use medball, over and back is one)
Strength Squat Clean 2) Every 3 Minutes For 3 Rounds 6 touch and go squat clean (increase across sets)
Conditioning AMRAP15 As Many Reps As Possible In 15 Minutes 300m run 15 pull-ups
Accessory A) Segmented GHR 3x6 B) Standing Calf Raise 3x10 L/R + 15 (perform 10 on each leg with :03 second hold in stretched position, then complete 15 with both legs)

Wednesday, April 17th

Warm-up 1A) Pike-Up 2x8 1B) Straddle-Up 2x8 2A) Press Drag Forward 2x8 2B) Press Jump Backward 2x8
Strength Deadlift A) Deadlift 5x5
Strength Single-Arm DB Strict Press B) Single-Arm DB Strict Press 5x5 L/R
Conditioning 100 DU 50 alternating DB snatch (50/35) 35 burpees 50 alternating DB snatch 100 DU
Accessory Single-Arm Upright Row A) Single-Arm Upright Row 4x8 L/R
Accessory DB Hammer Curls B) DB Hammer Curl 4x10 L/R

Thursday, April 18th

Conditioning Bike Bike/Row 6 rounds 0-4:00 @easy 4-5:30 @moderate 5:30-6:30 @moderate-hard :90 second easy jog/walk between rounds
Accessory A) KB Windmill 4x8 L/R B) Side Plank With Leg Abduction 4x8 L/R C) Zercher Carry 4x200ft
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, April 19th

Strength Back Squat 1) 0-8 minutes Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds 6 back squats (use 90% of weight from last week)
Strength KB Front Squats 2) 10-18 minutes Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds 8 double KB front squats :30 second wallsit

Saturday, April 20th

No workout posted

Sunday, April 21st

No workout posted

Monday, April 22nd

No workout posted

Tuesday, April 23rd

No workout posted

Wednesday, April 24th

No workout posted

Thursday, April 25th

No workout posted

Friday, April 26th

No workout posted

Saturday, April 27th

No workout posted

Sunday, April 28th

No workout posted

Monday, April 29th

No workout posted

Tuesday, April 30th

No workout posted