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February 2019








Friday, February 1st

Strength/Skill Deadlift 1A) Deadlift 5x5 Use 5-10% less than top set last week 1B) Hollow Rocks 5x15 2A) Strict Pull-ups 5x max reps 2B) Banded Pull-Through 5x20
Conditioning AMRAP12 3-6-9-12-etc Alternating DB snatch (50/35) Burpees
Accessory A) GHDSU 3x25 B) DB Hammer Curls 3x12 L/R

Saturday, February 2nd

Conditioning AMRAP5 0-5 minutes AMRAP5 Max shoulder to overhead (185/135) [Partners switch every 3 reps]
Conditioning AMRAP10 + 5-15 minutes AMRAP10 5 front squat (185/135) 5 push-ups [Partner will complete full round before switching. After each completed round, add 5 push-ups]
Conditioning Row/TTB + 15-35 minutes (TIME CAP) 50-40-30-20-10 calorie row ​35-30-25-20-15 TTB [Partners work at same time, but on different movements. Partners will alternate between movements, but cannot advance until both have completed all reps of their movement]

Sunday, February 3rd

No workout posted

Monday, February 4th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Half-Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press 2x8 L/R B) Plank Walk-Out 2x5
Strength Bench Press A) Bench Press 4x5 Use 85% of set of 8 from last week B) Plyo Push-Up 4x4 Perform these by 'jumping' hands to plates just outside shoulders. Walk hands back to ground before performing eccentric of next rep.
Conditioning 21-15-9 WB (20/14) Pull-ups Rest 2 minutes 21-15-9 Calorie row WB Rest 2 minutes 21-15-9 Pull-ups Calorie row

Tuesday, February 5th

Strength Snatch Liftoff + Power Snatch + OHS Snatch Liftoff (to knee) + Power Snatch + OHS 5x1+2+2.1+2+2
Conditioning 3/6 PC/Lunge As many reps as possible in 5 minutes 3 power cleans (175/125) 6 L/R front rack reverse lunge (175/125) Rest :90 seconds
Conditioning 5/8 PC/Lunge As many reps as possible in 5 minutes 5 power cleans (145/105) 8 L/R front rack reverse lunge (145/105) Rest :90 seconds
Conditioning 8/12 PC/Lunge As many reps as possible in 5 minutes 8 power cleans (115/85) 12 L/R front rack reverse lunge (115/85)

Wednesday, February 6th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Banded Good Morning 2x8 B) Single-Arm Dead Hang 2x:20 seconds L/R Scale with both arm hang for :30 - :40 seconds
Strength Deadlift A) Deadlift 6x4 Use 85% of weight from last week
Strength Weighted Chin-Ups B) Weighted Chin-Ups 6x4
Conditioning 2 rounds AMRAP9 40 DU 20 thrusters (75/55) 40 DU 20 burpees 40 DU 20 TTB Rest 4 minutes between rounds

Thursday, February 7th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 30 minutes max calories
Accessory A) Zercher Carry 3x75ft B) Hanging Leg Raise To L-Sit 3x6 C) Prone Frog Kickbacks 3x15
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, February 8th

Strength Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes 5 back squats (use 85% of set of 10 from last week) :30 second weighted wall sit (hold KB in each hand at side) 15 double KB front rack squat
Conditioning Every minute for 15 minutes 5 DL (115/85) 3 squat clean 1 thruster Every 3 minutes, add 1 rep to each movement

Saturday, February 9th

Conditioning Teams of 2 8 Rounds (each) 6 deadlifts (255/175) 9 pullups 12 sit-ups 15 pushups 18/15 cal row

Sunday, February 10th

No workout posted

Monday, February 11th

Warm-up A) Prone Snow Angel 2x12 B) Prone PVC Extension + Press 2x10  C) Standing KB Bottoms Up Press 2x10L/R
Strength Bench Press A) Bench Press 5x6 Same weight as last week
Strength Power Clean + Hang Power Clean B) Power Clean + Hang Power Clean 5x1.1.1 Rest :20 seconds between reps Rest 2 minutes between each round
Conditioning AMRAP4 21 CTB 21 burpees 21 clean and jerk (95/65) Rest :90 seconds AMRAP4 15 CTB 15 burpees 15 clean and jerk (95/65) Rest :90 seconds AMRAP4 9 CTB 9 burpees 9 clean and jerk (95/65)

Tuesday, February 12th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Singe-Leg KB Deadlift 2x8 L/R B) Staggered Stance Barbell Good Morning 2x7 L/R
Strength Deadlift 1) Deadlift 1x max reps Use weight from last week
Strength Romanian Deadlift 2A) Romanian Deadlift 4x8 2B) Russian Twists 4x15 Use medball, over + back is one rep
Strength Russian Twists
Conditioning 4 rounds 400m run 30 WB (20/14)
Accessory A) Tempo Pike Pulse (2121) 3x6 L/R B) Nordic Hamstring Curl 3x8 Scale these with banded GHR

Wednesday, February 13th

Warm-up A) Cuban Press 2x8 Go light with these B) Overhead Duck Walk 2x10+10 Forward + backwards
Strength Snatch 1) Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch Balance 3x2+2+2 . 2+2+2 This should be done at a weight that allows for good balance and timing 2) Snatch Every minute for 6 minutes 1.1 Build across sets
Conditioning 21/15/9 0-6 minutes 21 deadlift (155/105) 15 squat clean 9 thrusters
Conditioning 15/11/6 6-12 minutes 15 deadlift (185/135) 11 squat clean 6 thrusters
Conditioning 12/7/3 12-18 minutes 12 deadlift (205/155) 7 squat clean 3 thrusters
Accessory A) Hanging Tuck-Ups 3x10   B) Banded Face Pulls 3x12 Hold :02 seconds at top

Thursday, February 14th

Conditioning Bike/Row Bike/Row 6 rounds Max time >700/550 watt (bike) - 1650/1400 cal/hr (rower) Rest 4 minutes between efforts Scale by selecting pace that can be held for :90 sesonds - 3 minutes
Accessory A) Seated OH BB hold 4x:45 seconds B) Single-Arm Front Leaning Rest On Rings 4x:30 seconds L/R
Cool Down ROMWOD

Friday, February 15th

Warm-up Movement Prep A) Weighted Cossacks Squat + Curtsy Squat 2x6 L/R Cossacks + curtsy on right is one rep B) Reverse Lunge With Slide 2x7 L/R
Strength 10 RM Back Squat 1) Back Squat Work to 10RM
Strength Bulgarian Split Squat 2A) Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8 L/R Barbell in front rack
Strength Standing DB Press 2B) Standing DB Press ​3x10 L/R
Conditioning Calories Rowed Teams of 3 AMRAP16 Row for max calories Switch every 15/12 calories
Accessory Hanging Alternating Leg Raise + L-Sit 5x6 L/R + :20 seconds Perform all alternating reps and then hold l-sit for :20 seconds

Saturday, February 16th

Conditioning Teams of 2 AMRAP26 40 pullups 40 power cleans (135/95) (switch every 5 reps) 40 burpees (switch every 10 reps)

Sunday, February 17th

No workout posted

Monday, February 18th

Warm-up A) Half-Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press 2x8 L/R B) KB Adductor Mobility 2x10 L/R
Strength Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes :20 second double KB hold wall sit 8 L/R double KB front rack walking lunge 12 double KB front rack squats Goal is to complete entire complex of work without putting down KB
Conditioning 15/15 3 rounds 15 burpees 15 thrusters (75/55) Rest 2 minutes
Conditioning 12/12 3 rounds 12 burpees 12 thrusters (95/65) Rest 2 minutes
Conditioning 9/9 3 rounds 9 burpees ​9 thrusters (115/75)
Accessory A) Weighted Hollow Flutter Kicks 4x20 B) Single-Arm Upright Row 4x8 L/R

Tuesday, February 19th

Strength/Skill Deadlift Every :90 seconds for 8 rounds 1st: Deadlift 3.3.3 Use same weight as last week Rest :15 seconds between each 'cluster'
Strength/Skill Strict Pull-ups + Kipping Pull-ups 2nd: Strict Pull-Ups + Kipping Pull-Ups X.2X Perform set of strict pull-ups to failure, drop from the bar and rest for :15 seconds and then complete twice that number of reps as kipping pull-ups
Conditioning 30 double-unders 30 Russian KBS (53/35) + 30 double-unders 30 knees to elbow + 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 hang power cleans (155/105) + 30 knees to elbow + 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 knees to elbow + 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 RKBS + 30 double-unders 30 double-unders
Accessory Russian Twists + Leg Lateral Up-And-Overs 4x15+10 Use WB for twists, over + back is one rep. Lateral up and overs performed from seated supported position and consist of raising legs together up-and-over medball and tapping ground on either side.

Wednesday, February 20th

Warm-up A) Prone Snow Angel 2x12 B) Prone PVC Extension + Press 2x10
Strength Power Snatch + Hang Snatch Power Snatch + Hang Snatch Every 2:30 minutes for 5 rounds 1.1.1
Conditioning 6 Rounds With a 2 minute running clock 20/16 calorie row Max HSPU in remaining (odd rounds) Max bar MU in remaining (even rounds) Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Accessory A) Banded Face Pulls 5x12 B) DB Hammer Curls 5x10 L/R

Thursday, February 21st

No workout posted

Friday, February 22nd

No workout posted

Saturday, February 23rd

No workout posted

Sunday, February 24th

No workout posted

Monday, February 25th

No workout posted

Tuesday, February 26th

No workout posted

Wednesday, February 27th

No workout posted

Thursday, February 28th

No workout posted