Group Class

Every Group Class at Cityside CrossFit is a full hour of work, with the central programming goal of improving members' general physical preparedness (GPP).

Each class consists of a group warm-up with general and specific movement preparation components, periodized strength work that utilizes classical strength and conditioning principles of progressive overloading, and a CrossFit based metabolic conditioning workout. Additional strength accessory work, gymnastics-specific skill work, and global mobility/stability drills and exercises are incorporated as a part of our holistic approach to getting Cityside members to be the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Open Gym

Open Gym hours are available for members to complete programmed work, make-up missed work, or complete any strength/skills/conditioning work as they see fit. Coaches are available during all open gym sessions to assist and instruct members as necessary.

Foundations Class

The Cityside Foundations Class has been designed for first time CrossFit clients and consists of 4 one-hour long private coaching sessions as well one month of unlimited group classes. This class will focus on the aims, prescription, methodology, implementation, and adaptations of CrossFit. After reserving your Foundations course online, one of our certified coaches will contact you to set-up the 4 classes at your convenience.

Reserve your Foundations class at . Please contact us with any additional questions.

Private Coaching

Cityside coaches are available for private coaching sessions throughout the day. To inquire about or schedule private coaching, please give us a call at (281) 946-9223 or contact us.

Team Cityside Competitor Class

If you are interested in joining our competitor class, please call us at (281) 946-9223 or contact us.