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Tell Us About Yourself:

Name is Andrea Gonzalez aka. Dre! 26 years old and an up and coming photographer! Born and raised in H-town! Hobbies include indulging in a ton of food haha, actively serving at my lovely church, HOPE CITY, and working out when I have a chance. Fun Fact: hablo spanish and I love me some Live Oak Hefeweizen and whiskey!

How Long Have You Been a Member at Cityside?
I’ve been at Cityside since May of 2016!! I absolutely love it!

What Made You Start CrossFit?
I started CrossFit back in 2014 because a friend guaranteed I couldn't handle it.....I of course accepted the challenge. Best decision i've ever made in my life.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?
What don't I love about Cityside! It's taken my competitiveness to a whole new level, my nutrition is much better, and the community is great. Scratch that, it isn't an amazing community, it's an amazing family........Cityside is my second family and has gotten me through all sorts of things!

What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?
Since joining Cityside, I've PR'd ALL of my lifts and benchmark workouts!!! It has also gotten me much more involved with charity work and giving back, its freaking awesome.

What Are Your Future Goals?
Future goals include being more proactive with our Team and giving back to the community a lot more. Also, becoming a full time photographer in 2019 is HUGE for me and Cityside has been more than helpful in letting me take photos at the gym. All around heck of a gym for fitness and personal goals!


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