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Tell Us About Yourself:
Hi, Hello, my name is Hernan Leyva, I am 28. My career and my passion is being a Police Officer for the great CITY OF HOUSTON. I am from Missouri City, TX. No kids, only my doberman dog Spartan and all of my horses. I enjoy long walks on the beach..not really... either I'm drinking a margarita from El Tiempo or I'm spending time with friends and family or my pets.

How Long Have you Been A Member At Cityside?
I started at Cityside in February 2018, so still fairly new. #LWBS

What Made You Start CrossFit?
Two things made me start Crossfit: 1) I got bored doing the “bro gym” thing, and the main reason is 2) my career! I work Patrol in the 5th ward of Houston. We are extremely busy, and people like running from the police out there and fighting the police, so Crossfit keeps me very active with all the different kinds of movements and intensity.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?
The environment, the people, and the Coaches. Especially the programming.

What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?
I PR'd my clean #300, and my 2RM HBBS at 425..hopefully more, we haven't re-tested it yet.

What Are Your Future Goals?
My Future goal is to finish school and more than likely pursue a career in the federal side (FBI). Fitness wise, just to continue to progress in all the workouts and maybe more on the gymnastic side.


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