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The 5-year anniversary party festivites will kick-off with a scavenger hunt that begins at Cityside at 11:00am on Saturday, September 8th. This scavenger hunt will take place through downtown and east downtown Houston, so each participant must have a bicycle for transportation. If you don't have a bike, borrow one, or rent one from a BCycle station, or get with a coach and we will find you one. Each team will consist of 6 people, so have your Team Captain sign-up below with the names of each team member. If you do not have a team, sign-up as an individual and we will assign you one.  WINNING TEAM GETS A CASH PRIZE. The scavenger hunt will conclude at 1:00pm at the St. Arnolds Brewery Beer Garden. Everyone is welcome to join the scavenger hunt and the after party!

Team Sign-Up (List Your Team In The More Info Text Box)

1. Eric D
David A, Paloma S, Courtney S, Courtney W, Finley the Dog
2. Leila W
Blake, Matt B, Dave B, Chris, Rachel
3. Jackie S
Astrid P., Mrs. Bowers, Mr. Bowers, J-Vance
4. Danielle M
Chelsea L, Drea G, Whitney R, Amanda S
5. Cedric S
Val, Matty T, Felicity, Erica, Ruben and Kim
6. Johnny P
Daniel Fkn Fritz, Kirkus Richieberg, Jamison Starkerson, Phillips Valdezki, Shutup Hannah j
7. Jay H
Ben Barr. We need 4 more stragglers
8. vvvutldgby Q
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Individual Sign-Up

1. Nader A
2. Jeremy G
3. Eric J
4. Justin K
5. Diana R
6. Jolit T
7. Leslie J
8. Tom C
9. Evan L
10. Lorenzo A
11. Claudia O
12. Hugo O
13. Eric G
14. Diana G
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