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Tell Us About Yourself:

Lisa Okafor, 30 years old and I am an IT Project Manager at ExxonMobil. I grew up in Sugar Land,Tx, went to school at Texas State (Eat 'em up cats!) and I am the oldest out of my 3 other siblings. My hobbies include Crossfit (obviously), hanging out with my friends and family, sports, cooking, grocery shopping (I am weirdly obsessed with all things HEB) and traveling -  I already have a trip planned to Iceland and Spain in August! Interesting fact about me: I've played the washboard on stage at a country concert, my favorite karaoke song Taylor Swift "Blank Space" and I am high school debate champion.

How Long Have you Been A Member At Cityside?

A little over 3.5 years. I became a member in November of 2014. I started my crossfit "career" at a different gym but I am so happy I made the switch to Cityside. Haven't looked back since!


What Made You Start CrossFit?

I was asked to be in one of my best friends weddings back in January of 2014. We both wanted to get in better shape for the wedding and saw a Groupon for Crossfit the following week. We went in, tried the class and fell absolutely in love. It's weird because I never saw myself liking crossfit and always stayed away from it due to the "negative" things that were in the press, etc but I am so glad I gave it a go because it has truly changed my life for the better!


What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?  

What I enjoy most about Cityside is the coaching and programming. It is seriously top notch here and can't be beat. I love the fact we focus so much on strength and Olympic Lifting. The recent addition of the speciality courses have also been a HUGE plus for me too. These courses allow you to really fix your weaknesses and actually achieve milestones you never thought you could reach.


What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?

Squatting over 300 lbs (honestly I remember the times that I thought I could never hit the 200 club); Finally getting a hang of kipping pull-ups and toes to bar, it took me over 2 years to master the kipping pull-up; Dialing in my nutrition - The nutrition challenge that we had summer '17 really opened my eyes to how important nutrition is when it comes to training and leading a healthy lifestyle. Since August '17, I have lost 15 lb of fat and gained 15 lb of muscle (shout out to Nicole at Michael Florida's Nutrition Office)!!!!!


What Are Your Future Goals?

Health wise, I would like to get into the teens by the end of the year in body fat percentage (currently sitting around 22%); Fitness wise I would like to get my first HSPU and master butterfly pull-ups (I know the gymnastic specialty class will def help me reach that goal!); Career wise I have been given my biggest/most expensive project of my career so far. I hope to have that project delivered on time and under budget by year end; Overall life goal is to continue to choose JOY every single day I am on this earth. Some days are harder than others but when you continue to choose joy despite the situation you are in, your life begins to shift and you are opened to so many more opportunities! 


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