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Tell Us About Yourself:

42yo mother of 2, and wife to the most handsome man.  I am a Digital Innovation Project Manager, my degree is in Computer Science.  Houston is home to me. I've been blessed with great kids, lucky me.   My son is 15, a freshman in high school and my daughter is 19, soon to be 20, attending UH.  We all love to travel (my personal favorite is adventure travel) and make it a point to do so regularly. I have always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, cooking, baking, pickling, canning, etc.  It's my favorite room. Fig and Gin jam! (Sure, as soon as these black Italian figs ripen) Now that the kids are older, I have more free time than ever before so I started gardening a few years ago.  Mother nature is amazing, ya'll! I love watching the garden change as the seasons change, my garden is purposely geared toward producing not only fruits and veggies, but also cultivating an environment that is purposeful and attractive for bees and butterflies. Oh, I also love reading and almost anything physical or athletic.  An interesting little fact or two: I used to play competitive golf. I have a small addiction to amazing coffee, small batch, locally roasted, so much so that I go to bed thinking about the espresso I'll have in the morning.  


How Long Have You Been A Member At Cityside?

2 years (but that's misleading because as soon as I completed Foundations, a single-party-at-home-accident kept me out of the gym for nearly 8 months)


What Made You Start CrossFit?

I was in a rut with my workout routine and wanted something different.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?  

The structure and support of the coaches is primary.  I should be embarrassed to say this, but I'm being honest.  I love the location, it's an easy on/off of the freeway and close enough to home and work.

What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?

My powerlifting lifts have all improved.  I learned (well, still learning) the Olympic lifts.

What Are Your Future Goals?

Too many to list.  Maintain a balanced life.  A house off the side of a volcano somewhere.  If the volcano takes me, so be it!


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