Member Spotlight - The Moms of Cityside Part 2 - Kali Grandjean

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Tell Us About Yourself: (Name, Age, Career, Hometown, Family, Hobbies, Interesting Facts etc.)

Kali Grandjean, 32. My professional background is in K-12 education. I've worked as a teacher and administrator at various grade levels over the past ten years. Currently, I work part-time supporting teachers and administrators with administering assessments and analyzing data at Chavez High School. When I am not working at school, I am taking care of my 11 month old son, Hayes. I am originally from southern California and attended UC Davis for my undergraduate and masters degrees. My favorite hobby is drinking wine, and prior to Hayes's arrival, my husband and I took an annual trip to wine country. We're looking forward to restarting that tradition soon.


How Long Have you Been a Member at Cityside?

I joined in December of 2013, so I've been a member for almost 4 1/2 years.


What Made You Start CrossFit?

I wanted to change up my workout routine and had several friends who were members of CrossFit gyms and recommended it. Barker and I played dodgeball together a couple years prior, so I reached out to him and he encouraged me to give it a try. I really liked the fact that the workouts were already written for me, so all I had to do to get a good workout was show up!


What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?  

Love the 5:30am group; it's nice to work out with the same group of people every day. I also appreciate the Cityside coaches. They are always willing to hold Hayes if he starts fussing, and they are very understanding and helpful with helping me modify workouts.  


What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?

Working out throughout my entire pregnancy was my biggest accomplishment. While the last month or so mostly just consisted of rowing and air squats, I kept moving until the end, which was my goal.


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