Member Spotlight - The Moms of Cityside Part 2 - Lauren Hoes

  • 9 months ago

Tell Us About Yourself: (Name, Age, Career, Hometown, Family, Hobbies, Interesting Facts etc.)

Lauren Peña Hoes

36 for a little longer

I’m the Director of Partnership Tax at an O&G company.  I’m a CPA and MLPs are my jam.

I’m married to Major Dirty Hoes. He flies drones for the Air Force, but used to fly mostly Seahawks in the Navy. I’ve got a kick-ass family that all live here in Houston, where I was raised. My Dad is from Cuba and my Mom was born in Israel (but she is Croatian not Israeli, and was raised in French Canada).

I like to play with JW’s hair, work out, and play 42. I love my Peloton and spending time with family.


How Long Have you Been a Member at Cityside?



What Made You Start CrossFit?

My brother wanted to try it and my husband was deployed and I wanted something to distract me.  It worked well.


What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?  

I love my morning crew, the coaching and the programming.  


What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?

I broke my water repeatedly on most of the rowers.  You are welcome. But seriously I had a really amazing pregnancy thanks to the watchful eyes of mostly Jonathan making sure I didn’t kill myself.  I’d like to think it helped inspire all the other awesome new moms.


Do You Have Any Future Goals (Fitness, Health, Career, Personal etc.?)

I’d like to be good person, wife and mom.  While looking amazing. I work on all these things daily.


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