Cityside Game Night - Friday, February 16th at 8:00pm at Cityside

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Cityside Game Night

When: Friday, February 16th at 8:00pm

Where: Cityside CrossFit

This Game Night will be trivia based with a family feud style event between rounds for additional points. Teams can consist of anywhere from 2-6 people and non-members are absolutely welcome. Winners will be showered with prizes and bringing/consuming food and alcohol is highly recommended. If you are interested, please sign-up at the link below as soon as possible so we can have an idea on attendance. Additionally, If you don't have a team that's quite alright, just sign-up as an individual and we will place you on one.

Team Sign Up

Sign up here if you have 2-6 people you would like to be on your team. Please list their names in the more info text box.

1. Matthew T
Felicity, Cedric, Val, and the Bowerses
2. Britney B
Bryan, Frankles, Eric & Russ (i have no friends) Roberts
3. James S
Regina, Dennis Bedford, Jan, Danielle Macias, drea
4. Leila W
Blake Hluchanek, Stephen Quezada, Keith Hernandez, Lisa Okafor, Matt Davidson
5. Chelsea L
DatzBai, Julie, Christian
6. Jackie S
Andrea Marquez
Sign Up

Individual Sign Up

<p>Sign up here and we will place you on a team.</p>
1. Regina +
2. Drizzy G
3. Matt (I thought we were friends Russ :( ) D
4. Joe D
5. nader a
6. Evan L
7. Nicholas (I drink and I know things) B
8. Eric Johnston C
9. Jeremy G
10. Adam F
11. Philip V
12. Justin K
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