Cityside Open Series: In-House CrossFit Open Team Competition

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Registration is LIVE for the 2018 Cityside Open Series!

Deadline for signing up below is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd at 7pm. Once all athletes have been signed up, coaches will conduct a draft to build their Open Series teams.

Teams will compete each week to earn the maximum amount of points possible, with points being earned in a variety of ways including class participation, Open workout score, and even an early-bird bonus for members that complete the workout immediately after the announcement! (more info and complete scoring guide to come). Weekly prizes will be awarded for top-scoring teams, so make sure you sign-up and secure your spot on a team!

Please note that while registration for the CrossFit Open is not required for participation in the Cityside Open Series, it is strongly encouraged! (and might even be an easy way to score some bonus points for your team...) 

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1. Evan L
2. Lisa O
3. Paul S
4. Joshua A
5. Charles B
6. Jonathan W
7. The Real Cedric S
8. Jamie W
9. Not The Fake J
10. The W
11. Matthew T
12. Russ R
13. Hannah W
14. Jonathan S
15. Astrid P
16. Laura D
17. nader a
18. Valerie V
19. Eric J
20. Nicholas B
21. Danielle M
22. Barrett C
23. Matt B
24. Dennis B
25. Regina R
26. Chase M
27. Nader A
28. Jackson S
29. richard w
30. Felicity T
31. Jorge G
32. Freddy P
33. Kathryn S
34. Matt D
35. Jake H
36. Blake H
37. Carter A
38. Brittany A
39. Taylor T
40. Diana R
41. Martin L
42. Keith A
43. Hernan L
44. Ben B
45. Will S
46. Reagan V
47. Carter A
48. Anna D
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Anna D Anna D 11 months ago

Me! Anna D

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