Cityside Nutrition Challenge

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Cityside Nutrition Challenge

Monday, February 19, 2018 - Sunday, April 15, 2018 (8 weeks)

This 8-week challenge will be conducted on a point based system. Everyone will be responsible for tracking their points on the Google Spreadsheet we have provided. Points are awarded on the honor system and should be updated daily.

Point System
Points will be awarded for the following:
Receive 1 point each day for following your nutrition plan
Receive 1 point each day for 7+ hours of sleep
Receive 1 point a week for active recovery (Thursdays class work, biking, yoga, mobility, etc.)
Receive 1 point a week for listening to the provided podcast
Receive 1 point a week for reading/watching the provided article/video

Weekly Weigh-In
We have provided a tab on the spreadsheet for you to keep track of your weight each week This is not mandatory, however encouraged to see personal improvements over the 8-weeks. 

Choose your Nutrition Plan
1. Renaissance Periodization (RP Strength) - General templates and one-on-one coaching is available. See their website for additional information and pricing. (10% off code available for general templates. Email for discount.)
2. Personal macro coaching with Hannah Borel - $160 for the 8-week challenge. Cost includes macro template, twice-weekly progress/question check-ins, and template modifications as needed for the duration.
3. Other personal nutrition planning/coaching (If you are currently working with a nutritionist, we would still love to have you participate in the challeng)
*Please contact us at with any questions

We will be distributing weekly prizes based on enthusiasm, points, performance, and dedication to the challenge. Prizes will also be distributed to the athletes who have the most improvement on the benchmark workout(s) provided. We will announce the workout(s) at the end of the first week of the challenge to allow some adaptation period with your nutrition plans.

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1. Lisa O
2. Dave B
3. Melissa Z
4. Lorenzo A
5. Adam F
6. Danielle B
7. Jocelyn P
8. Diana G
9. Matthew T
10. Russ R
11. Francesca N
12. Ryan B
13. Jonathan S
14. Hannah W
15. Jona-THIN W
16. Felicity T
17. Kayleigh S
18. Hernan L
19. Dennis B
20. Ben B
21. Anna D
22. Eric J
23. Andrea G
24. J D
25. Regina R
26. Danielle M
27. Chase M
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