The Cityside Games III Check-in/Heats/Workouts/Team List

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The Cityside Games III
Saturday, November 18, 2017

Volunteer and judge check-in/meeting

8:00am – 8:30am
Athlete check-in

Workout overview/athlete briefing

Event 1
Heat 1     Heat 2      Heat 3
9:00am    9:25am    9:50am
Team 1    Team 4    Team 7
Team 2    Team 5    Team 8
Team 3    Team 6    Team 9

Event 2
Heat 1     Heat 2      Heat 3
10:30am  10:45am  11:00am
Team 1    Team 4     Team 7
Team 2    Team 5     Team 8
Team 3    Team 6     Team 9

Event 3
Heat 1     Heat 2      Heat 3
11:30am  11:50am  12:10pm
Team 1    Team 4    Team 7
Team 2    Team 5    Team 8
Team 3    Team 6    Team 9

Event 4
Top 3 teams

For Time
400m run (team)
20 back squats (athlete 1)
400m run (team)
20 back squats (athlete 2)
400m run (team)
20 back squats (athlete 3)
400m run (team)

Teams will complete each 400m run as a group, with each member holding a part of one rope throughout the entire run. One athlete will complete the back squats at a time, and the prescribed weight is 0.85/0.6*BW. Athletes will weigh-in during registration to determine assigned back squat weight. Entire team can assist in changing weight for each athlete.


2 rounds
60 cal bike
50 pull-ups
40 TTB
In time remaining, max sync burpees

Teams will break up reps any way, with each athlete working for :30 seconds before switching. Scale for pull-ups will be jumping pull-ups. Athlete will stack plates so that top of head is just below pullup bar when standing with hips extended. At bottom of rep, arms must extend fully. Scale for TTB will be K2E. Knees must make contact with arms for rep to count.

For Time
Athlete 1: 300m row + 3 rounds DT (95/65)
Athlete 2: 300m row + 2 rounds DT (135/95)
Athlete 3: 300m row + 1 round DT (185/135)

Teams will move through this workout with one athlete working at a time, completing all of the given work before the next athlete starts. Athletes can change weight for each other. 1 round of DT = 12 deadlift + 9 hang power clean + 6 shoulder to overhead.

Team  1
Chelsea Lewis
Barrett Cousins
Flic Tipping

Team 2
Paul Sierra
Courtney Williams
Adam Bowers

Team  3
Dennis Bedford
Kristina Bowers
Anna Dominguez

Team  4
James Starks
Val Vuong
Eric Johnston

Team  5
Leila Wolfe
Brian Kennedy
Nate Bishop

Team  6
Jonathan Warshaw
Regina Rodman
Carter Allen

Team  7
Taylor Tate
Lauren Hoes
Laura Driskell

Team  8
David Bowen
Danielle Bergamo
Jorge Gomez

Team  9
Ryan Barker
Rich Walters
Stephanie Gibson


Leila C Leila C 4 weeks ago

Team 5 name : " who's Nate?"

Valerie V Valerie V 4 weeks ago

team four: 'rock out with ur crop out'

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